Complementary Companionship Program

For Students

A program through Senior Care 360 that connects volunteers with the seniors, providing a socially stimulating environment for the elders as a way to improve their quality of life.

About Senior Care 360

Senior Care 360 is an initiative that provides at-home medical care for senior citizens that are unable to travel to a medical facility. We also work to create connectivity and more transparency between the medical practitioners and the patients as well as their families, in order to provide quality care.

In the Media

Senior Care Companionship Program

A Calgary group is looking for volunteers to spend time with local seniors through its Complementary Companionship Program. "The hope is that with the program we send students in pairs to seniors for an hour or two conversation," said Zaidi.

CTV Calgary News Videos

U of C students launch program to match students with seniors to match students with seniors


Providing companionship to the elderly means building friendships and providing support so you can foster meaningful relationships and explore the values and community of the seniors in Calgary.  Activities may include making pleasant conversation, playing board games, listening to music, reading books together and many more.

Join Us!

Become a part of a special group that gives their time and talents to better the lives of people in the community.  All volunteers that join us are provided with training from industry professionals, flexible schedules, and approved clinical hours. To become a Senior Care Companion, visit our socials or website for further information and requirements.


Prerequisite for Students / Volunteers for Companionship Program

Step 1:

  1. Complete Police Clearance – Letter for support for RCMP Clearance Available on the website
  2. Complete Level 1 CPR Course (Optional)
  3. Proof of full Vaccination – upload
  4. Sign Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement HERE

Complete online form for Companionship Program

Step 2:

  1. Completed Training Module of Senior Care 360 Companionship Program

Congratulations you are ready for the Companionship Program


For Seniors

Waiting to make new connections and friendship?

Looking for a few hours to relax and engage in some fun activities, all from your own home?

What companions do for you:

  • Provide company for few hours
  • Play card games
  • Play board games
  • Watch favourite moves
  • Listen to music together
  • Rading books together
  • Give a listening ear
  • Share stories


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Evaluation or Feedback Forms for Seniors and Students

Please take a few minutes to fill the evaluation form to improve our program